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Welcome to the RABID Search and Destroy website!

This website is for member recruitment, information, downloads, and posts about World of Tanks PC and Console gaming. Yes, it is all about tanks for tank fans, particularly gamers.  Have a suggestion? Then Contact Us as your feedback is important. We hope you enjoy our site and visit it regularly as it is constantly being updated with fresh content.

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Tier 6 CLAN skirmishes are a lot of fun and that is what it is all about. Go into battles with your clan mates and enjoy fast combat with strategy. Those interested on crewing up to roll out in a squad of 7 give it the thumbs up. Starting from Sunday 3pm AEST on the proviso there are competing clans. We will run silver boosters and stuff. Great for learning new skills as well!

Go to our Clan Discord Channel and give the Post a thumbs up.

Game Changer

Stronghold upgraded to Level 8!

Thanks to all for building our resources.

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WOT Console Update 6.0 uproar!

WOT Console 6.0 update has met significant resistance with the player base demanding a rollback. The console version has been plagued with poor management direction which is reflected in player participation and community angst for sometime now. Despite the community cry out to save the game WOT Console appears indifferent and continues charting its unpopular and controversial course. It remains to be seen whether this shift in demographic "appeal" will be sustainable.


Customising the E100

Cool customisations can be achieved in the garage either with presets or do it yourself like this one.