At last +1-1 matchmaking returns on September 24th–1st October. Unfortunately it is being run as another event and not a permanent intervention. The success of the last +1-1 event raised expectations of players that a permanent transition to a new MM structure was just around the corner. However, this was not to be as it seems like War Gaming is in no hurry to improve player enjoyment with fairer more competitive gameplay. Albeit the direction does look promising.

Apparently the approval rating was around 70% for a change. Naturally, there were detractors who did not like the test. The main objections were that the PMM tanks would be unusable and they enjoyed the challenge of being bottom tier in a 3 tier match. Consequently, I posted a response that the majority of forum contributors supported.

“The response so far is very positive. Interestingly, I get the impression that the majority of negative comments are coming from those who have strong win rates. I read disparaging comments about muppets and potatoes, but as this is a skill learning game people need time. To encourage and promote new and advancing player interest the MM has to be fairer. Advanced players with their 20 perk crews with superior map and opposition tank knowledge compounds the beat down on lower tiers and or developing players. It seems their totally self oriented and more worried about their stats than improved enjoyable gameplay for everyone.”

I have several PMM tanks and happy for WG to make an adjustment to these tanks for a new MM environment. As for me, I really don’t like being a tier 8 tank getting reamed by tier 10 tanks to facilitate their scoring. Tier 7 is even worse in tier 9 matches. The other problem being platooning where the MM will take a tier 7 platoon for example and match it against a tier 9 platoon thus creating an unbalanced roster.

In regards to PMM tanks, WG have announced this “Please note that Preferential Matchmaking tanks will be adjusted to play with vehicles of the same tier or one tier lower.” which is fair enough.

Anyway can only hope that at some point WG will capitulate and change the MM system that tankers enjoy a more balanced roster for gameplay.

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