About Clan RABID members and Playstation/ PC gameplay

We are an established clan seeking to expand from our core membership whose experience range from 3,000 to 30,000 plus games. Originally our clan tag was RECON, however this was erased by WOT Console due to the cross play merge and was irretrievable. Consequently, we have re-branded and initiated PC expansion. Our demographic is young and old, male and female. Our members span Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, however we are open to English speakers (including English as a second language). You will see our players online at various times of a 24 hour day on both the ASIA, AUS/NZ, EU and NA server so platooning up with a clan member is likely even without an arrangement.  We do not condone abusive messaging to other players or endure abrasive personalities. Our general philosophy is to have fun, improve skills, and win as many as possible.

New clan start up for PC ASIA/ ANZ servers

Are you a Light, Medium, Heavy or Tank Destroyer player and looking for a clan? Clan RABID has now started a clan on World of Tanks PC Asia server and is seeking to recruit English speaking players who are interested in clan asset development, platooning, or just dabbling away at their own pace. Be part of something new and progress through the ranks as the clan grows. Like our console clan we do have standards. While you don't have to be a unicum you do need to demonstrate a minimum PR of 3000 that is on an upward curve.

Don't meet the minimum requirement, but want to fast track your recruitment and pick up a free premium tank? No problem, if you have under 200 games or not played for 6 months a clan member will mentor you in platooning, map deployment, strategy and tactics to boost your PR. Use the Contact Form and we will get you started. Note: T& C's apply.

RABID Search and Destroy WOT ASIA/ AUS/ NZ PC Clan plays in:

  • Random Battles
  • Clan Wars
  • Stronghold
  • Skirmishes
  • Advances
  • Legionnaire
  • Ranked Battles
  • Play all tiers 3 to 10

RABID Search and Destroy Playstation Console Clan plays in:

  • Clan Wars
  • Premium tanks
  • Nation line tanks
  • All classes of tanks
  • Play all tiers 3 to 10
  • Most common platoon tiers from 6 to 10
  • Multiplayer
  • Ranked Battles

This was the promo video from when the clan was known as RECON.