Apply to be a RABID World of Tanks Clan Member

Read the About Page before applying. The About Page brief is not long but will give you an idea on how we play and if it is right for you. New recruits are one month probation and may be omitted from the Clan without explanation.

We do not share your details with any other party and any information provided is not used for marketing purposes. See our Privacy Policy for further detail.

You can go to the WOT game interface through your account to join and enter in search: RABID.

Some things you should understand about our clan culture:

its what makes us RABID
We don't play favourites, if you want to just be a member of clan, or go hard in Advances it is your call. There is no "committed" member that has title over another other than what is earned.
No kiss arse; it aint gonna help and probably get you booted, see it how it is and shoot straight from the hip (aka: turret)
If there is gold to be divied up you receive for the effort put in whether your a clan member or legionaire.
RABID Recruitment Girl 1