Operation Overhaul is a call for solidarity among World of Tanks Console players to protest and boycott the purchase of tank reskins and spending in general. The protest is due to player dissatisfaction about the direction of where the game is heading, numerous bugs that are not getting fixed, and WOT Console management that is based in the USA. The movement was created by popular You Tuber Clone Guy who has rallied the player base and Community Contributors.

The overarching purpose for the protest is the player community harbouring a deep seated concern about the sustainability of the game under the current management regime. It is evident that the inability for WOT Console management to take on board player feedback is frustrating the community.

Raising player awareness that the purchasing of products and premium tank releases only comforts WOT Console management to direct resources into selling and not fixing long standing issues is key. Player angst was also stimulated with the 4.12 update which is ridden with bugs and well below value for Premium Subscribers.

Player complaints include but are not limited to:

  • Poor Match Making
  • Ghost Shells
  • Fired shots just disappearing
  • Repair kit not working
  • Comments that are critical of certain aspects of the game are filtered out in forums.
  • Individuals are banned for speaking out on WOT Forums and those referencing the banned individual are also banned.
  • The role of artillery in the game which it is advocated that the majority of the player base would like to see removed.
  • Game lag that is not consistent with other console gaming experience
  • Developers appear to have a shallow knowledge of playing the game

Whether Operation Overhaul influences WOT Console Management or not is debatable given their track record. What is important are the markers that clearly demonstrate that WOT Console are not getting it right with the player community. World of Tanks was a great game and is declining in participation and its retention of veteran players. In sum, War Gaming Corporate needs to step in and review the practices and implement cultural change within WOT Console.

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